Thursday night and Party Night on Friday

I forgot or ran out of time to write Thursday’s meal so this is a catch up submission.

Thursday evening was a quiet night because we both decided that there was too much going on to prepare a bigger meal so we relied on the Good Doctor to feed us as well as providing a much needed respite.   His pizza’s are good, the best tasting ones we have found (super market variety) so having one in the freezer for these occasions (a too busy day) is perfect.  Diane doctored (forgive the dumb pun) our pizza with a little more cheese and then she splashes the pizza with a little more olive oil and voila, you have an excellent and easy meal.  Add a salad and a few glasses of table red and a full but simple meal has been enjoyed.

Friday night is Party Night and it began with Di’s signature martini.  We both like Gordon’s Gin, it has a number of brands above it in price and therefore it is thought in quality but we have tried the “better” ones and we prefer Gordon’s because they, to our tastes anyway, use more juniper berries thus making Gordon’s Gin better to our taste.  She serrved little bowls of her olives and the stores Macademia nuts.

As a main course Diane reheated the frozen chick pea stew that Shelley had brought over several weeks earlier.  She served the stew with a side of rice and acompanied by a Taylor’s Promised Land Cabernet Sauvignon.  A party was had by all (two can make a party–in Leeming anyway.)  

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