It was another Martini night

The Johnson House needed another party, one was not enough considering the mental upper cuts we had been taking these past weeks.  The obvious way to meet the need was to begin with Diane’s signature martini accompanied by a few nibbles of a tasty but unknown origin.

The next course was a beauty in that Diane diced some potatoes and fried them to be eaten by themselves and they tasted delicious.

After this soothing beginning to our meal the Chef produced an oldie but a goodie dish from decades ago: appropriately called Steak Diane.  She had purchased 150 grams of fillet steak at the local market that afternoon.  I mention the weight of the steak because 75 grams of meat per person is not much but the beauty of the dish is that after you pound it out we had enough for two people.  The 75 gr. of meat, when flattened made five large, though thin, pieces of meat. 

Back in the 70s waiter prepared dishes at your table in restaurants was all the vogue.  Chaffing dishes have passed into history but I took a cruise because the cruise line said  they still did table-side prerparation.  Diane ordered a Steak Diane and the wait person simply took a regular thick fillet steak and cooked it with the normal Steak Diane sauce and presented it as the real deal which of course it wasn’t.  The meat must be thin in order to be cooked over just candle flame under a chaffing dish.  Just another of my long list of things that do not work for me as my fertile imagination wishes them to be.

The thin pieces of meat are sauteed quickly in butter, removed to a warm dish and the pan juices are enriched with crushed garlic, Worcestershire Sauce and brandy.  The skillet is tipped towards the flame of a gas stove or with electric it is lit with a match allowing the alcohol to burn off but leaving the brandy taste behind.

The meal went a long way towards repairing our stress.


2 thoughts on “It was another Martini night

  1. ddollzden says:

    I love this meal. We also had fresh local asparagus wrapped in proscuitto and a small salad

  2. Stella Rose says:

    This sounds like the best!

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