My return to the kitchen

It is funny when you go back into the kitchen after an absece of several weeks.  I have made some infrequent meals but last evening I felt like it was a totally new experience.ou have a little trouble locating spices and pantry foods or items in the fridge.  Diane has her own way of organizing the layout of the kitchen: where fouod items are located, in some cases where cookware is located and where mixing bowls have been placed.  It is quite an adventure returning to a kitchen that is unfamiliar to you.

Last night I cooked to a new dish that is half mine and half acookings site on the Web.  It is Boned Chicken Thighs filled with a fingers worth of Garlic Butter and then spreading the remainder of the butter on the prociutto that wraps the thigh together.  It is baked for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees (350 American) uncovered.

I think this dish is really juicy and becase there is no bone it is easy to eat.

We had a forceful salad and a bottle of Houghton’s Chardonnay Semillon–a wonderful meal! 

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