Fast and very tasty

Again we had a busy day involving a long drive for Diane plus an activity for me.  It paid off though because we found answers to many questions about buying furniture for the “ol’ man” so all of the activity paid off.

Typically we found something in the freezer and we had the minimum ingredients  in the pantry so ease of preparation was assured.  The “something” we found was a frozen set of chicken thighs and an open packet of prociutto.   We also had some “fingers” of garlic butter from a previous meal so it was a no brainer to use some of the butter between the boned thighs and use the remainder to spread over the prociutto to be melted and add flavour to the chicken.  I like this recipe very much because it can be made in the oven rather than on a burner in a skillet.  It is an easy, quick and an excellent meal.

I made a simple salad to cleanse the pallet and we enjoyed an inexpensive bottle of Houghton’s Chardonnay Semillon. 


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