A repeat meal: spaghetti with puttanesca

I was back in the kitchen last night and I made my favourite sauce to go with the spaghetti.  The books say that puttanesca sauce is a 1950s invention of southern Italian cooking but I find that hard to believe because the southern Italians have always used olives, anchovies, garlic and capers to flavour a tomato passata.  I guess they had not thought of combining these flavourings in one sauce but the combination seems natural to me.  Anyway we made enough for three meals so we have one more in the freezer which comes in handy because of the Christmas rush that is  happening now.

The sause is quite liquid so any pasta that reacts well with these sauces: penne, even orecchiette, olive leaf, cappuccino.

Of course I had to make a cleansing salad after this powerful pasta dish.

We also had to marry this strong pasta with an equally strong wine and Diane produced a superb Chianti from Borgo SanLeo–not expensive, very reasonable in fact, but the marriage with the sause was wonderful (the marriage was very happynd long-lived.) 

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