A midweek Party Meal

We decided that we needed a small party meal because things are a little hectic around here so tonight became the night.

Diane started us off with a glass of Sparkling Wine that had been given to us by a Cabin Attendent on a recent 40th wedding anniversary trip to Broome.She brought some fried flat bread and olves as nibbles with the wine.

Her next course was a winner also: she fried a punnet of Swiss Brown Mushrooms and they were worth the extra cost over other types.

Di’s next course was a side of cubed fried potatoes.

Her final course was the peak  of this of this wonderful dinner: Steak Diane is a wonderful menu item that unfortunately has rapidly declined in popularity because restaurants do not do table cooking as they did in revious decades. It is too bad because the dish has much going for it: small pieces of meat rather than plate sized steaks today, quickness of preparation and the romance of seeing your steak prepared at tableside.

Our wine is a Lanuedoc wine from southern France: Moulin De Gassac, Guilhem.

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