Christmas Eve Perth style

Diane and I Have, virtually since we migrated, celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve when we empty our stocking and open our presents and have our Christmas dinner.  That dinner has been the same since Terri Tsugi sent us as a first anniversary gift a set of her favouite menus.  One of the recipes was for a seafood salad which was very approriate because Christmas dinner in Australia is univerally seafood, usually crayfish in some form.  Our seafood salad which Diane has always made is simple using only crab meat and prawn flesh with a flavoured mayonaise holding it together with some pitted black olives thrown in .  We only have it once a year on Christmas Eve so it remains special. 

Last night, with a nod towards Italian cooking, Diane made a special Christmas meal which was Tortellini alla Panna (Tortellini with butter and parmesan cheese.)  Again it is a special dish only eaten at Chistmas in many Italian homes.

Both dishes are simple in preparation but as I always say it is the simplicity that makes for a difficult dish unless you are very careful with the preparation.

As a wine we had a Tenuta Ca’Bolani Prosecco; a celebratory wine for a celebratory Christmas Eve meal. 

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