Christmas Day dinner

It is kinda hard to outdo our Christmas Eve dinner because it was so special time-wise and taste-wise!  Therefore we could not just let our Christmas day dinner sputter into nothing so we had to dress it up in something more than sausage and  beans; Diane decided to get a dozen oysters, some Frech andAustralian cheeses and open the Duck Terrine that we had purchased some days earlier.

Our first course was a dozen Tassmanian oysters.  Diane likes them because they have always been plump when we have gotten oysters before and tonight was no exception.  I on the other hand prefer thinner oysters, if you can use that term to descibe oysters, such as Sydney Rock Oysters but who is quibbling: oysters are delicious from wherever they come.   I use only a smear of Hot Sauce as a flavour because, obviously, you do not want to mask the flavour ofthe oyster.

Our main course was the delicious Duck Terreine; I love Terreines of any kind but my one great problem is I am unsure of how to eat them.  I have read that a small bit can be cut off the loaf and easten with a small cracker or a bit of bread.  Other references have said to treat it as a cold meatloaf and just cut off pieces and eat them by themselves.  I admit that I have always tried, with modest success, to spread the terrine like a pate’.   My references say that terreines started as inexpensive worker’s  fare but now I still have pictures in my mind of beautiful terreines in shop windows in France and Diane and I always gave in to their obvious temptation.

This wonderful meal ended with a selection of Australian and French cheeses.

Our wine of choice was a very inexpensive bottle of J.P. Chenet’s Cabernet Syrah from the Languedoc region of southern France.  It is as delightful as it is inexpensive.



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