Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) with an afternoon meal with friends

Diane fixed a beautiful table of food for us plus two adult friends and their two lovely daughters.

We began the meal with a platter of various deli meats, a bowl of macadamias and a tasty savoury spread with breads and crackers to spread it on.  There were beers for the boys and sweet ciders for the girls.  It was not a hot day, anything in the 80s at this time of year is considered moderate and in my 39 years in WA I cannot remember such a mild Christmas or Boxing Day.

After these preliminaries Diane brought out two of her mother’s recipes: Sloppy Joes and Apple Cake.  She had made a large bowl of potato salad and a smaller one of slaw.  The Sloppy Joes were a natural hit and the salads were a wonderful finish to a delicious outdoor meal.

Ah, but the meal was not yet complete; she brought serves of her mum’s delicious Apple Cake that perfectly rounded out the meal and I anticipate the leftovers tonight.

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