A very small pizza party for two people

Although last night’s meal was only pizza and salad Diane turned it into something more involved and, as happens when using that modifier, a real Friday party was enjoyed on a Sunday night.

Due to Diane’s subtle rearranging of the contents of our old Taverna (really just a third bedroom) we now have a place for our slide projector (remember those things?) so we can look at trays of slides taken during the Badia Years (upper case used on purpose) and Party Night was the perfect night in which to try the new arrangements. She picked out a box of slides from an archaeological discovery from the Turkish area near Nicaea (modern day Iznik). She also showed some slides of the Byzantine mosaic decorated  church Karri Cami, in Istanbul, and a place called Hosias Lukas near the modern city of Levadia where you must get off the train and get a room and negotiate a taxi for the hour long journey out to the old Greek Orthodox Church with its Byzantine mosaic covered walls.

You can’t have a real party without a little libation so our in-house bartender, Diane, prepared a Wild Turkey Old Fashioned for me and a Manhattan for her.  Along with these drinks we had some Cashews and her signature nibbles: Hen tails which have nothing to do with neither hens nor their tails.  They are superb and made with: flour, butter and grated cheddar cheese.

Our main course was the Good Doctor’s pizza shipped all the way from England. 

With this main we enjoyed a definite change from the lettuce/spinach salad for a coleslaw salad that was a change but tasted very good.




One thought on “A very small pizza party for two people

  1. Murray Gould says:

    OK, the cocktails seem wonderful. Chris made me a Negroni when we were in Florida. Wonderful.

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