A minor party: tis the season to be jolly

We had a superb dnner last night.

It started with a Chicken Pistachio Terrine from the Upper Swan here in Perth; they do more in the Swan Vally than make wine.

The second course was a side of cubed fried potatoes.

The main course was something that we have spasmodically through out the year: it is the very tender and very moist Pork Scotch Fillet Steak from the Brumar company.  Diane makes a sause from the frying liquids in the pan and then enriches it with a spash of brandy.  We decided last night to forgo the fried potatoes and make rice instead to soak uip the sauce. 

We have decided to switch from lettuse

to coleslaw. We ejoyed a delightful inexpensive Cotes du Rhone produced by Chemin des Papes.

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