New Years Eve Dinner

Last night, the ultimate night of 2013, we celebrated at Margot’s and Luis’ house as we have been doing for the last 37 years.  They put on a superb evening meal for those lucky enough to be invited and smart enough to attend and they, at least to my sieve-like memory, have never repeated any meal and those meals have been excellent.

Our meal 24 hours ago was certainly no exception so let me say what we had.  To begin Margot prepared two dips with torn pieces of flat bread for dipping. 

The second course was a cold seafood salad of small prawns (shrimp) and small squid rings dressed with a light mayo dressing.  It was a wonderful dish! 

The third course were small rounds of Lou’s homemade sausage.  His sausage is the best I’ve eaten and these little rounds were perfect: not too big, like a full sausage, or too small. 

The fourth course was an asado or the Argentinean name for what Luis prepared on his BBQ plate: short ribs slowly fried.  This course was served with Margot’s excellent potato salad and a green salad.

The fifth or dessert course was a delicious rum baba served with her own whipped cream; a wonderful ending to a wonderful meal.

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