Chicken Terine and Tortellini alla Panna and Coleslaw

We had a true leftovers meal last night because of the amount of delicious food remaining from the Festive Season. We had a piece of Terrine, the remains of a packet of meat filled tortellini and some coleslaw.

Diane cut the terrine into two equal portions and served them with some cornichons and pieces of lightly toasted bread.

Our second course was Tortellini alla Panna which she served with a light sauce of butter and parmesan.

As a side she dressed some coleslaw with a light store purchased dressing made especially for shredded cabbage

Our wine, to accompany the terrine and the tortellini but not necessarily the slaw was an inexpensive (our wines are always inexpensive) wine from Tuscany but not a Chianti even though it was almost totally Sangiovese with “dash” of Cabernet Sauvignon.  I am unsure to as why this wine called Dogajolo Rosso Toscano does not have the appellation for Chiant; perhaps it is grown slightly out of the appellation regions in Tuscany.  


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