Petti di Pollo alla Milanese (Milan Fried Chicken Breasts)

Last night was a classic evening meal: it was this delicious Milanese recipe that called for the chicken breast to be sliced thinly, then pounded to flaten it further.  The Germans do a similar dish but they use veal rather than chicken.  Back in ’93 when we were last in Germany we got mad at the hotel and thinking of leaving until it occurred to Diane that the kitchen underneith our room was pounding veal to flaten it for thr evening dinner service so what was a pain turned out to be a romantic interlude of natural sound.  Either one  is always a superb dish and something to anticipate.

This dish is very filling and does not need much else to serve with it.  Last night Diane just made a simple coleslaw with some purchased dressing.  She always puts chickpeas in the cabbasge so that makes it very filling.

Our wines were leftovers also: the remainder of the Dogajolo and for the second glass the Riparosso from several nights ago.

Weekly party tomorrow night! 


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