Cutting down on the calories: baked fish.

Friday Night is Party Night and because we are starting our summer (slowly) we had drinks in the Garden: a Sidecar for Diane and a Wild Turkey Old Fashion for me.  As always Di made a few nibbles so the liquid would not have an empty stomach upon which to rest.

For our second course we had some soft French cheese: (D’Argental Lingot) with very thinly sliced French loft.  This particular cheese was excellent and we will certainly look for it again.

Our third and main course was baked Orange Roughy  on a bed of sliced mushrooms that are lying in stock that is just covering them.  Diane served a side of her own coleslaw.

As a dessert course she served an espresso with her own iced dessert of chocolate and pecans.  I guess you could call Diane’s iced dessert an “ice cream” but it does not contain cream or even full cream milk; it is more like an Italian gelato than anything else.

The meal was superb on all accounts.

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