BBQed Feta, Lamb Cutlet, Grilled Eggplant

Diane made us a wonderful meal last night.  It was a typical Leeming BBQ except that it was coked indoors on a grill pan rather than outside.  These cast iron grill pans duplicate closely the outdoor taste if the ingredients are flavoured properly. 

She started BBQed with Feta which was particularly good because the feta was imported from Greece and it was especially “skunky” meaning its taste was “profound.”  On top of the slice of feta Diane placed sliced olives, majoram, crushed garlic and sundried tomatoes.  All of these ingrdients were wrapped in a square of foil, twisted at the top to close the ingredients.  This package is then placed over the heat sorce until the cheese has partially melted then it is turned over above a slice of good Turkish bread and then spread over the bread and you have a most delightful first course.

The meat course could not be simpler: lamb cutlets marinated in rosemary, garlic and good olive oil.  Diane cooks the cutlets for three minutes per side or it could even be less depending on your taste.  Lamb cutlets are quite thin so it would be advisable to check the meat; I like it cooked a little overdone because the marinating in olive oil will keep the meat soft and juicy.

Our last course was grilled egplant.  I know many TV Chefs will tell you to drain off the bitterness of the eggplant but our Australian eggpant can be cut and put on the BBQ as is without draining the bitterness from the vegetable.

Our wines were two remainders from previous dinners: Riparoso and a southern Frech wine named Parnasse Sauvignon Blanc.  I have mentioned The Riparosso in preious diary entries because it is a wonderful table wine.   

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