Last night was an excellent one course meal of that wonderful dish from Spain: paella.

Again as with other times Di cooked paella she used some of Ainsly Harriot’s low cal recipe.  She used slices of a hot chorizo to give the dish a subtle kick along with slices of red capsicum (red pepper) and smoky paprica as the spice Diane added 4 prawns for each one of us, plus some pieces of chopped chicken thigh and of course the rice and stock.  I am writing this from memory so I am sure I am leaving out some items but that is the low fat Ainley’s version of classic paella. 

Just as apoint of possible interest I have read that the classic New Orlean dish gumbo had its origins as a New Orlean attempt to make the clasic Spanish dish with changes in that classic dish.  They had the basic ingredients already: rice, shrimp (small prawns) chicken and New Orlean’s version of sausage.  Of course the spices had to change but the basics are all there.  So in the future if you find yourself in a New Orlean retaurant then order gumbo and think of Spanish paella

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