Our version of another Friday Night Party

Following the pattern of previous Good Friday Night Parties we started with two strong cocktails: a Sidecar for Diane and a Daniel’s Old Fashion for me.

After these invigorating cocktails we had a serve of Maggie Beer’s pheasant Farm Pak. It was smooth and very, very tasty.

For our next course I sautéed a punnet of Swiss Brown Mushrooms

The main course last night was my old favourite Bitokes a la Russe (Hamburgers with Cream Sauce.)  This is a simple but delicious recipe for beef mince (hamburger); I like the most expensive mince available, mince from lean cuts, but these lean cuts of course do not have the fat that gives mince its flavour.  With this recipe you add the moisture and extra flavour with the delicious sauce.  It is easy to make: just deglaze the pan with a splash of stock that you have prepared earlier, add a good splash of  brandy to the mixture, tilt the pan towards the flame, ignite the spirit that you have used and finally stir in some of the best butter you can afford.  Now you can pour the sauce over the meat that you have been keeping warm in the oven set on its lowest temperature.   The result is delicious!

We had cheeses for our last course.  They were from France:  bleu d’Auveryne and a very soft            D’ Argental from the Lyon region.  Both were very good but I preferred the Lyonnais cheese myself                                                                                                           

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