An interesting pasta shape accompanied by Diane’s light Cream Sauce

I admit to being a lover of strange pasta shapes.   I do not know what this shape is called nor obviously why the Italian’s invented it.  It must have originated somewhere close to a beautiful little town in west Tuscany called Lucca because they use a wheat like grain to make their pasta and this interesting shaped pasta was half wheat and half spelt.  They say it occurs throughout Italy but I have only encountered it in Lucca.  The  company that imports these interesting shaped pastas is called Pantanella.

The pasta is curled around something about as thick as your index finger.  The pasta takes four twists with the fith making a short end that protrudes from the ring.  The pasta is wound too tightly for any sauce to penetrate the twists but if the sauce is wet enough it can easily rest between the twists thus leaving the centre free for the larger pieces in the sauce.

Diane did not have a recipe (none printed on the back of the package) but she has cooked enough pasta to know which sauces go with which pasta shapes so she nade a delectable sauce using light cream, sliced thin  ham and peas.  The pasta held its shape; I was afraid the twisted pasta would unravel in the cooking but it did not and the spelt tasted very hardy and very good. 

To complete the meal we had a small bowl of slaw.

Our beverage of choice was a repeat from several days ago:  Carpinetto Dogajolo a red Tuscan wine that cannot be sold as a chianti because it is out of the chianti region. chia

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