Jacques Pepin’s newcookbook, “Essential Pepin” was used by Diane for the first time

Last night was a special night because we tried a new cookbook and also closed the circle of gifts to Diane and I on our Wedding Day.  A dear friend from the hippie years and schooling in Italy, Anne Farrell, gave us the Fannie Farmer Cookbook as a Weddding gift and it was she who sent us Pepin’s new cookbook after our forty year anniversary just weeks ago.  I believe we can use the word serendipitous to describe the coming together of these two books having just celebrated our 40th anniversary. Now on to the meals that have originated from his marvelous book.

The first course was Diane’s Olive Tapanade on Toast ( her own olives from our own tree.)

The second course was from Pepin’s cookbook: “Mesclun, Avocado and Tomato Salad.” The recipe was delicious and the use of fresh lemon juice and olive oil has been a staple in many kitchens just not in ours.

Our third course was new in the sense that salmon can be cooked in many way and many of them overlap somewhat but this one because of the cooking time was definately a little different: “Salmon Fillets in Basil Sauce.”
He wants only 1 1/2 minutes under your broiler with the fish two inches (five centimetres) from the broiler heat source. The sauce was made of diced tomatoes sauteed in butter with fresh basil leaves added at the eend.

One thought on “Jacques Pepin’s newcookbook, “Essential Pepin” was used by Diane for the first time

  1. ddollzden says:

    This is a lovely new cookbook and a pleasure to peruse for new ideas.

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