Tapas Dining

Last night was a difficult night for entries into the Food Blog because I was having a medicine rejection of some sort or at least that is my only excuse, probably it was simple fatigue. Anyway this is what we had and it was truly special and I tried to compliment the chef as best I could given my odd use of the English language that I have.

As I said Diane made a delicious Tapas meal for us. I think she thought that it would knock me out of the doldrums that I have been in these past weeks: TAPAS: irresistible snacks from Spain by Adrian Linssenn with Sara Cleary began the search. She also used a tremendously valuable cookbook: Mediterranean Cookery by Claudia Roden.

The Tapas meal she prepared for her and me: her own olives with migas (toasted pieces of bread.) Garlic prawns, Fremantle Sardines, Anchovy Potato salad, Hudias (green beans) with ham from Claudia Roden’s wonderful book. For dessert we had from the Croatian Cookbook by Dennis Valcich a recipe for very thin pancake that we would call a crepe filled with raspberry jam. The crepe was folded into six triangles but it was Diane’s culinary and magic that I failed to watch. Diane had made the crepe a few days ago and then popped a stck in the freezer so it was easy to make one for dessert.

A glass of Spanish White accompanied the meal.

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