Homemade Korean Pancakes

Yesterday an old friend, John Eaton with his wife who is from Korea, came by to show us how to make Korean Pancakes which Diane first tasted in Los Angeles several years ago.  She liked them so much that I decided to ask Jeong Sook to show us how to make them and yesterday was the day of the lesson.

Not only did she bring her cooking knowledge and all the ingredients for the pancakes but she also brought over two Korean soups: a chicken soup and a potato and pumpkin soap which we will enjoy tonight because the chicken soap was eaten yesterday.  Some of the pancake mix was leftover for us to enjoy with the soup; it is a complicated mixture composed of: sliced carrots, zucchini, a bit of chilli, onions, par-boiled potatoes.   Plus all of these match-stick cut greens there was also a small bowl of seafood that was already cut into small pieces.  To this mixture was added two slightly beaten eggs plus one cup of water and one cup of Korean pancake mix that contains the needed spices.  The mixture is fried in hot olive oil a large spoon at a time then drained on paper towels.

Since we had the same items for lunch needless to say there was no need for other dishes at the meal.  A glass of cold white from an unknown vintner was enough to satisfy our beverage needs.

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