Special Leftover Dinner

We started our dinner in the garden just as evening was coming on.  Diane made us some of her new pesto toast and (I said it was special) a Cosmopolitan cocktail to get the evening going in the right direction.

We moved into the house as the evening chill approached.  Once there we had Jeong Sook’s pumpkin bean and potato soup.

After this came an excellent course: fried Swiss Brown Mushrooms.  It is an indulgence but well worth the money, at least by my standards.

Next was the Main Course which was sort of my made up recipe: a purchased boned and skinned chicken thigh smeared with butter on the inside, then wrapped with prosciutto and the remaining butter smeared over the prosciutto.  After this the completed thighs were held together by the prosciutto and baked for about 25 minutes in a medium oven basting once or twice.

We rarely have dessert but tonight Diane had some Crepes frozen and she spread some raspberry preserves on each one and folded them into quarters and served them: delicious!

We had several glasses of Taylors’ Promised Land Merlot: perfection!

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