Turkish (kinda) BBQ

First Course: Australian herbs and spices Dutkah with small lengthy pieces of Turkish bread for dipping.

Second Course: Grilled Haloumi We take the Haloumi, spread it with olive oil then dust it with Smoked Paprika and fry it. Then it can be eaten as is or placed on Turkish bread.

Third Course: Diane grilled some rounds of eggplant and served them as is. Then she filled the centre of large mushrooms with the pesto that she had made several days ago and grilled them on the Weber.

Fourth Course: The chef made Mazatlan Meatballs from a recipe in Ainsley Harriot’s Outdoor Cooking book that called for lamb mince and a few pantry spices. As a side she served a true Greek salad of cucumber pieces, black olives, and tomato pieces.

As a beverage she served a couple of glasses of Tsanntali Retsina which is an excellent Retsina for beginners of drinking Resina. This wine is mild by the standard of other Retsinas. I believe the story goes that during the Greek war for independence against the Turks, the Greeks put pitch in the wine barrels to make it unappealing to the Turks but the taste caught on among the Greeks and continued after the war.


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