Fresh Pesto

Yesterday was another beautiful moderate early autumn day so we decided to make some fresh pesto from the basil in our herb garden. I separated the leaves from the stems (the guys get the complicated jobs) and Diane added the Parmigiano, the garlic, the almonds and pine nuts with the olive oil. Give the whole thing a good blend and voila you have the best pesto you can imagine because it is fresh.
To begin the meal Di made us a small plate of: small strips of prosciutto, very small Genovese olives, pickled small mushrooms and her own olives from last year. I guess the Italians would call this a primo piatto but we are skipping the main course because the secondo piatto is going to be our main course. We decided to use some delicious imported potato gnocchi to marry with our fresh pesto. The marriage was made in heaven; the ingredients loved each other and we loved the dish.
Diane finished the meal with a lovely balsamic salad and all was right in Leeming!

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