Gozlemi Lunch

As a prelude to yesterday’s dinner we ate a Kurdish lunch before our movie. The stand in the Southland’s Shopping Centre calls itself Kurdish but because Kurdishstan is not yet a country and because much of the territory is in Turkey the food is also very close to Turkish food you can eat much the same Gozlemi in a Turkish stand. The proprietor is a Kurd as is his wife and three children who all work at the stand.

For those readers who have never had a Gozlemi they are one of the great snack foods of the world: French Crepes, American Hotdogs, Mexican Tamales, Australian Meat Pies, Japanese Sushi, etc. They are made with two large pieces of thin Turkish bread with one half covered (like ours yesterday) with spinach leaves and sprinkled with Feta cheese. Then the second half is placed on top, the edges are crinkled to prevent separation, turned over to heat thoroughly and last step, the Gozlemi is cut into strips about two centimetres/one inch wide and devoured lovingly.

This lunch cut our appetite so not only did we eat later in the evening but we also ate a small dinner. Diane made us a sandwich and some coleslaw and that was more than enough for our evening meal.


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