Penne with Arrabiata

Tonight was a delightful meal that Diane fixed for our enjoyment.  She makes her Arrabiata Sauce quite liquid so the sauce can make its way into the penne.  I know people joke about the many varieties of pasta that the Italians have but first of all you must consider that Italy was divided into many provinces before Garibaldi unified the country and each one of those provinces made their own particular pastas that matched their own particular sauces then one begins to understand why there are so many varieties. 

Each province has its own interpretation of the shape that allows the pasta sauce to get into the folds of the pasta so that the sauce is not just on the outside surface of the pasta but penetrates into the pasta thus making a more satisfying dish.  If, therefore, you are a little strange as I am, you kind of spend your time in markets trying to seek out new pasta shapes and then marrying the shape to a particular sauce.

I mention all of this because Di’s sauce penetrated the pasta perfectly and because the pasta also had ribs on the outside of the penne that picked up small bits of the pasta sauce; the marriage was perfect and can be expected to last many decades.  

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