Linguine with Pesto and Prawns

Forgive me dear readers for my absence these past two weeks; I was at a MS respite centre in Bunbury while Diane was at a MS Carer’s Camp on Rottnest.

My first meal back home was last night and Diane made us Linguine Pasta with her own homemade pesto and several prawns apiece.  Without a doubt it is one of my favourite dishes. 

Making your own pesto is very easy; you just need the bowl of a food-processor filled with fresh basil, add some garlic, almonds, pine nuts, some Parmigianino cheese and good olive oil and blend until the mixture forms a thin paste.

AS I understand it the dish originated in Liguria the Italian province where Genoa is located. Evidently basil grows wild in the region and many years ago it became natural to make a paste (using a mortar and pestle at the time) out of the abundant and freely available wild herb and the delicious pesto paste was married to pastas the shape of which were suitable for pesto.  The linguine pasta strands are particularly good because the wide shape allows the pesto to adhere to them better than even the round strands of spaghetti.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of making your own (the best) you can easily purchase small jars to imported pesto from Italian markets and they make a passable quick version.

After this delicious pasta dish Diane made us a cleansing salad of: torn lettuce leaves, pine nuts, green olives and shaved parmesan married to some balsamic. A marriage made in heaven.    

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