Again last evening Diane came up with a marvellous meal for the two of us: a Turkey parmagiano.

Parmagiano can be made of different kinds of meat; I know of these: veal, pork, chicken and last night’s Turkey. It is a simple dish to create; you need only flatten the meat, whatever kind it is, dip it into beaten egg and then put it into bread crumbs. After this final stage fry it in olive oil. But do not fry it too long because the meat has been pounded to flatten and tenderize the meat so fast cooking is an absolute no-no.

Diane prepared a cleansing salad of torn lettuce, crumbled feta and Kalimantan olives and dressed with olive oil and a little balsamic.

We enjoyed an inexpensive but delightful Frascati wine from the north Roman region. As with many Italian white wines it is disparaged by wine “experts” but the proof is in the tasting and I for one love all of them. If given a chance, I will avoid the Venetian white, Pinot Grigio; its tartness does not suit my tastes.

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