Lamb BBQ

Last night Diane and I returned to outdoor eating after having missed doing so all summer because of the health problems that befell me. However, last night made up for all those missed evenings because the weather was so mellow there was not a leaf stirring on the trees, the temperature was warm but not overly so and the food was already available thanks to Di’s forward thinking.


Over many years we have worked out a food template that need only be dropped on to any BBQ meal for sure-fire success. Even though it wasn’t Friday we had a party beginner–an Absolute Vodka Martini that went down a treat.  Not only because Diane is a great mixer but also because I have not enjoyed Party Nights for many weeks.  The Treendale Respite Facility does not serve martinis even on Party Nights! 


As always we had some nibbles with our martinis and then arrives the first course which is always a cheese course of some kind. Last night Diane fried some small slabs of Greek Haloumi cheese that she served on soft bread rolls.


Our second course is always a vegetable course: egg plant with a coulis of tomato sauce on top. As a cold course it tasted delicious.


Our main was half of a lamb roast; do not think that it was as big as it sounds because Diane had purchased one of those very small two-person pieces of lamb shoulder that suits two people vey well as it did last night.


Our wine was out of a box: De Bortoli Cabernet Shiraz.


Our dessert taken in the house was the last of her homemade ice cream.

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