Dinner with good friends

Last evening we had dinner with a teacher friend from John Curtin; the friendship goes back to sometime in the late 70s-I think. It was too far ago to remember precisely.  He and his lovely wife, Merrill, came over for a simple dinner but when Di is in the kitchen few meals are ever simple.


We began with a plate of ors-d’oeuvres comprising: small slices of prosciutto, various cheeses, and her olives, portions of ciabbata and egg plant spread with a tomato salsa.  It was a reasonably substantial beginning to the meal so the next course was as the Italians say secondo piatto which in fact turned out to be our main course.


This course was a repeat of the course that Diane made for me earlier: linguini with her pesto.  It isnot a dish on any menus in Perth restaurants yet as I wrote earlier it is easy to make (as long as you have a ready supply of fresh basil).


For dessert Diane served a portion of Maggie Beer’s fig ice cream with a quartered fresh fig.


The wine was a delightful south western white that suited the meal perfectly.

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