Last night was, again, a peaceful night here in Leeming and coinciding with this peace Diane prepared a meal that reflected this it: she made an excellent package meal with her own sauce. The meal was “Veal and Caramelised Onion” Tortellini from a package and although Di has made shaped and filled pasta in the past it is something better purchased in a refrigerated package.  The ones available here in Australia are of excellent quality so just preparing the sauce is enough.  This begs the question: if the filled pasta is so good why not make the meal totally simple by using a bottled prepared sauce?  We have both come to the same conclusion that although the refrigerated pasta tastes more or less fresh the bottled sauces smell of the chemicals that keep them preserved on the shelf.  Diane can compose a fresh sauce in minutes so we do not mind the packaged filled pastas but she will not use bottled sauces: that is fine with me.  The sauce she made up was a fresh tomato sauce with a few fresh herbs.

As a beverage we had a couple of glasses of boxed wine from De Bortoli and even further peace descended on 37 Collett Way.




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