Two nights ago all of the nasties have, for now, been put to rest for a while so the kitchen beckoned me to return and I took up the invitation (the kitchen you see is organic.)


I started with an antipasto which in this case was a simple (remember I am cooking) bruschetta.  In Fremantle restaurants they, for some unknown reason, serve the piece of bread with a layer of chopped fresh tomatoes which of course begin to fall everywhere but in your mouth.  After taking this memory into account I tried another approach: I took a can of diced (read all broken up with much juice)  tomatoes to which with several spoonfuls I shook until the liquid was out and I then put them on the slices of bread after being pressed gently into them.  I put some chopped basil on the tomato with some salt and pepper.  Albeit the tomatoes smelt a little of being in a can but at least they stayed on the bread.  Diane thought it was repeatable.    


In order to begin the main quietly I began with an old favourite that even I could make: a tomato sauce to which I added chopped green olives, a sprinkling of capers and the leftover (from lunch) canned tuna fish. My pasta of choice was one of my favourite pasta shapes, orecchieti. These are the small pasti that have a shallow depression hence the name which translates as little ears.  The idea is that the sauce if made correctly will fill the hollow of the pasta and retain the sauce bits in the pasta.  The classic sauce is cauliflower that has been broken into small flowerets that loge themselves in the orecchietti hollows.

As a beverage we had two glasses of box red.

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