A very small party

Last night Diane and I had one of her old teacher friends (the friendship not her age) over for a small meal bracketed by much conversation. Diane prepared the entire meal: her friend likes to eat small bits rather than sitting down to an entire meal.


She did not want to drink a hard booze cocktail because it being Good Friday she was afraid there would be more police on the streets than usual. Therefore we sat at the kitchen counter and she and Diane had a glass of sparkling wine while I kept up the reputation of the side by imbibing a delicious Gordon’s Martini.  Diane prepared some nibbles to accompany the drinks: a bowl of Italian dried olives and a bowl of dried almonds.


After these predinner snacks we retired to the dinner table to enjoy the remainder of the meal. Di made us an old fashioned but always tasty Shrimp Cocktail with her own sauce mix.  With Colleen’s bottle of Sparkling Wine the course was an excellent way to begin a meal.


Diane prepared a serve (about 10 apiece) of the most delicious small prawns (shrimp). She purchased some native prawns from Shark Bay; they were small by our standard of prawn but they also tasted the best that I can remember eating.  They were crisp to the tooth as you bit into them.  Di said that she sautéed them very gently in a little stock so that, along with their small size, delivered a brilliant dish (the simpler the cooking the better).


Dessert was simply some good chocolate Easter Eggs.

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