Joelle’s delicious luncheon

No dinner diary tonight because Diane and I had a wonderful and filling luncheon at Joelle’s and Kevin’s yesterday afternoon. April is the best month for eating in the garden and yesterday proved that beyond argument: it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky but it was not hot nor was there a breath of wind.  It was a perfect setting for a luncheon.


Our host, Joelle, served an excellent braised rabbit that was so done that the meat fell away from the bones and was cooked in a Dijon mustard sauce. The sauce disappointed the chef (certainly not her guests) because she felt that the mustard taste should be more pronounced; to me it was just perfection.

With the rabbit Joelle fixed butter fried potatoes with a mixture of new runner beans and borlotti beans in a soft sauce.


The next course was a board of three cheeses: Brie, a hard Spanish cheese and an Australian goat’s cheese served with fresh pear and quartered figs.


This was followed by a sweet course: chocolate tarts and espressos. What could be finer?

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