To begin our day-early Two Person Party Diane fixed us a little hors-d’oeuvre plate of mini-toasts with a dab of her pesto. All of these nibbles to be accompanied by two glasses of the remaining wine from the previous night.

Last night was a lamb eater’s delight. We shopped yesterday afternoon and bought a package of eight lamb chops: four to eat last night and four frozen for a point sometime in the future.  I realize that it is out of season for lamb, exactly opposite on the calendar in fact but the desire to have some lamb was too great.  Lamb chops deserve to be cooked over white coals but the desire outweighed the time of the year therefore we enjoyed them with some of Di’s very tasty cannoli beans with a little chopped tomatoes and some crushed garlic among other delights too numerous to mention.

The wine of choice was from a box but is a good wine nonetheless and much enjoyed by the individuals residing at #37. It was a De Bortoli Shiraz Cabernet.

Our dessert was the ever-tasty Diane-made combination of flavours that are too complicated for me to put to memory. Suffice to say that it is very good without being overly sweet.




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  1. ddollzden says:

    My ice cream was flavoured with vanilla, dark chocolate, lemon myrtle and roasted brazil nuts

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