The circumstances of late have dictated a stronger beginning to our meals and Diane certainly came to the table last night.  She made us a 3 olive Martini with a little plate of salted macadamias, toasts with olive paste and wonderful Italian dried olives.

 Our main was a Keith Floyd recipe that he claims he found in southern Spain. I have a number of his cookbooks and I find his recipes very cookable (if I can use that word.) If you can find his books, this one in particular, (Floyd on Fish)b uy them for your cookbook library. Last night Diane made a beauty! It was Swordfish grilled with a cornucopia of fresh chopped herbs: bay, sage, basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme leaves with anchovy, garlic and capers. This was made a paste with olive oil and spread on the swordfish for an hour before grilling each side for one minute. Delicious (it works equally well for tuna).

Our wine of choice for me was De Bortolli Colombard Chardonnay and Diane enjoyed Houghton Chardonnay Verdello.



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