Prostitute’s Pasta

If any reader has read this diary in the past they would be familiar with this dish because it is a “pantry” meal around our digs. We always have the ingredients on hand and the recipe is easy to put together. Roughly, and pantry meals can always give or take timing, the ingredients or amounts; the flavours are strong and will therefore blend together. All right let us get on with the these important ingredients: black olives (or green if that is what you have), garlic, capers, chopped tomatoes and here is where the variations make an important impression: I like a small can of chunk tuna that can be broken up to suit your tastes and olive oil of course.


Ah, now the big question: what shape of pasta?  If your tomatoes are juicy and the mixture is fairly thin then I would recommend a penne, orecchiette, agnolotti or farfalline.  However, if your pasta is thick then use a spaghetti, linguini bigloi or tagliatelle. It is fascinating to work with sauces that are suitable for different kinds of pastas.  Remember, in the old days, bread would go stale in the Italian heat so they made the bread dough into shapes and then purposely dried it.  That simple decision allowed for many, many combinations to suit the pasta shapes with a suitable sauce.


Diane made a simple salad to complete the meal.  We enjoyed a glass of De Bortoli box red as our beverage.


One thought on “Prostitute’s Pasta

  1. ddollzden says:

    I object! I do not make Prostitute’s pasta and the blogger has been told this! 🙂

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