Non-picnic Paella

Diane began our Monday night meal with a plate of pantry nibbles: small slices of prosciutto, 10 or 12 dried olives, a slice of dry provolone and a glass of Marque’s de Riscal ’12 Rueda which is a delightful, inexpensive Spanish white wine that carries on beautifully through all of dinner.  According to the label on the back of the bottle (and who doesn’t like reading the little bits on the back) the Rueda grape is native to the region and has a particular very slight bitter taste that is characteristic of the grape variety.  I find it delightful different and noticeable only on the palate as the wine goes down.


The main for this evening was a superb in-house paella (rather than cooked on an open BBQ fire) that in Diane’s version had pieces of chicken, slices of chorizo, frozen peas that were heated in the mixture and of course the rice which was cooked with gentle ladles of stock.


Later we enjoyed one of Diane’s delicious homemade ice cream cones.


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