Bitokes a’ la Russe (hamburgers with cream sauce)

I am finally back in the kitchen and I enjoyed myself enormously. I admit I did cook an old favourite that was not too hard and Diane helped me but the recipe was my choice and I did, mainly, make the sauce and fry the hamburgers.  We purchased the meat from the lovely lady in the Fremantle Markets who sells Queensland beef and it is of high quality.  I have in the past thought that her mince was too lean but with this recipe’s sauce the resulting meat is more palatable than just rare beef which is too dry for my taste.


To begin my first meal back I made a little nibble’s of: 12 Italian dried olives (totally delicious if you enjoy olives), 10 dried almonds, and two eighths of pickled artichoke and small slices of matured cheese.


I had also cut into cubes fresh Blue Potatoes which do not need to be peeled before frying. They were served as a separate course before the meat.


This is a very easy recipe if you have any familiarity with the making of a simple sauce. I have made this dish 32 times since my first attempt on the 4th of March, 1990.  It is fairly simple: the cook deglazes the pan by pouring about 1/3 of a cup of stock into the pan after the hamburgers have been removed somewhere to keep the warm while this step is being completed.  After the stock has boiled down to make a thicker liquid add some cream to it, boil a little longer and then enrich the resulting sauce with a knob of butter and some fresh herbs if you have access to them.


Diane made a delicious cleansing salad after the meal. For our beverage we had two glasses of De Bortoli cabernet shiraz.



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