Steak Diane

Last evening Diane took advantage of our stop at the meat stall in Fremantle Markets the day before and used some of their excellent Round Steak (Rump Steak) to make her delicious version of Steak Diane.


Before this was served the first course which was a little plate of nibbles to accompany her brilliant Sidecar. Both were superb beginnings to our next course and then the main course.  Her second plate was something that we have never had and that is Fried Sweet Potato Chips.  They were delicious and I definitely anticipate their return to our table.


The main course was Steak Diane which Di makes excellently with the good Queensland beef from the Fremantle Markets. It is an old New York recipe from decades ago.  I will take a guess and say that it might have come out of the Depression when people could not afford more expensive cuts  of meat: just a guess though.  The dish was made at the table before Front-of-House people became too expensive to have on staff.  The meat must be thin cuts so as to cook quickly or else pounded flatter to cook o also cook quickly.  

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