Penne with Pulanese sauce

It has been a week of meeting people and having appointments, all very tiring for people like us who lead quiet, peaceful lives.  So I am confessing to starting Party Night-Friday a day early.  I offer no more excuse beyond the fact that weariness is always cured with a fortifying martini and Diane makes the best.  I made a little plate of the Usual Suspects: dried almonds, dried olives, cured olives from our trees and small pieces of olive oiled Ciabatta quick fried on of pastaa ribbed skillet pan.  These suspects are perfectly matched and make an ideal Primo Piatto.


Last night I made an easy but very tasty Seconda Piatta for us. It is a reliable pantry meal for those times when getting to the market has been too difficult.  The Italians call it Pasta Putanesca and it was first conceived in Naples about 1955.  It is a combination the flavourings common to southern Italy: chopped tomatoes, capers, anchovies, black olives and garlic.  These flavours are mixed with olive oil and a little stock or white wine and simmered for the time it takes to cook the pasta.


When the pasta is cooked and has been drained it is added to the skillet of sauce stirred around and divided between the people at the table.  We use 80 grams of pasta per person.


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