Cajun Blackened Fish

Friday night is Party Night even though we started earlier yesterday evening (it has been a tough week (what more can I say?) with good smells emanating from our little home. Tonight Diane made us three small pieces of bruschetta with just simple canned diced tomatoes on the bread which Di had previously prepared with a spread of olive oil, torn basil leaves and crushed garlic; the odours were enough to eat.  As a beverage to accompany this amazing Primo Piatto Diane prepared a delicious Sidecar which prepared the assembled group (if two people can be called a group) for a very relaxing evening.


The marvellous chef of the house repeated a dish from earlier in the week when she served a dish of Fried Sweet Potatoes; they tasted wonderful and I hope that they become a mainstay at our dinner. Our beverage for this wonderful meal was itself a wonderful meal companion and in this case it was a very inexpensive white wine from the southern area of France near the Spanish border.  On the label they tout themselves as the #1 selling wine in France; I have not been to France recently so I cannot verify their claim.  The wine is J.P. Chenet and the particular type was Chardonnay.


Diane, from saying to me earlier in the afternoon that she could not think of anything to cook, came up with this seldom cooked but delicious meal of Cajun Blackened Fish. In this case the fish was Bream.  I have never cooked this delicious method of cooking fish.  Where she comes up with these recipes is beyond my poor little mind to know much less emulate.

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