My Favouite Pasta

The Primo Piate was some toasted pieces of bread and some pieces of mellon with small slices of proscuitto attached.


Yesterday aftrnoon Diane and I shopped together and this lovely lady  asked me what I wanted for dinner and you can inmagine from the plethora of dishes that she cooks what music to my ears that question was.  Oddly for many people I picked the easiest pasta recipe there is with only two ingrdeants other than the pasta: olive oil and finely chopped garlic.  In Italian it is called aglio e olio or garlic with olive oil.  I particularly like it with spgahetti or very thin pasta: not the thinest available but the next up; I think that it is #5, regular being #3. 


After this delicious pasta course diane made us a cleansing  spinach salad with seeds, feta and a rhanch dressing.

Our wine was another box wine that married very well with this delightful meal.

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