Last night we went pretty soft with our dinner at my request; we had a hamburger. We had bought some mince at the market earlier with the idea of having a burger that night. We also bought some soft Turkish rolls that were better tasting than regular hamburger buns. Diane also spread olive oil on them rather than mayo to further soften them. She also made the patties thinner so that they would be easier to eat. I watched a Jamie Oliver show today where he made Moroccan flavoured lamb patties to fit between buns for his version of a hamburger. The only problem as I saw it was that he made the patties too fat; they, in my opinion, would be too thick to eat comfortably.


After these burgers which were filling we only had room for a salad which was forthcoming. I had a bottle of Dos Equis and the Chef had a glass of wine.

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  1. ddollzden says:

    To the organic beef mince I added diced onion and mustard.

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