Lentil Soup and Delivered Pizza

Last night we enjoyed an odd combination but a delicious combination. Diane had made the Lentil Soup for some friends that came by Saturday and for some reason it just tasted better than the previous times when she had made it for us.  Diane used the same combination of pale lentils rather than the darker variety; she then adds: crushed garlic, fresh tomatoes, coriander and cumin.  She passes the cooked soup through a food mill; when it is served a large spoonful of fried onions are sprinkled on the soup and quarters of lemon are squeezed into the soup.  Diane serves the soup with pieces of fried Turkish bread that she has drizzled with olive oil.

The more filling part of the meal was a very tasty pizza that we have delivered on the rare occasions that we allow ourselves to enjoy a delivered pizza. We each had a glass of box wine.  It was an excellent evening!

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