Olive Leaf Pasta

I missed Saturday evening’s meal and as usual Diane served us a special one which is worth describing. One of my favourite pasta shapes and one which is only sporadically available is the olive leaf shaped pasta.  Its shape means that it will attract and hold pieces of sauce as long as the sauce is moist enough to fill the shallow indentations of the pasta.  The sauce does not require a consistency as does one for linguine or spaghetti so it becomes sort of an in between pasta shape.  Diane served it with a pantry sauce: diced Italian tomatoes, a few capers and chopped onions.  These canned Italian tomatoes are inexpensive even here in Australia and the can contains a fair bit of tomato juice so the sauce meets all of the criteria of a good olive leave pasta sauce.

Diane served it with a cleansing salad: sliced fresh mushrooms, olives, cubes of feta cheese with fresh spinach. She dressed it with a few spoonfuls of Country dressing.

With this type of pasta I took a glass of De Bortoli Verdello.

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