Hamburgers and Slaw

Last night was a quiet night; an easy meal (but delicious meal) with catch-up TV. Diane and I had bought some excellent mince at the Fremantle Markets earlier in the week and we had to eat it up or freeze it and there is less and less room in our over filled freezer so having good hamburgers is the perfect way to keep the volume of meat down.  When you stop by the markets it is silly to pass-up the excellent produce there but if you buy it you must freeze it or eat it quickly hence the corundum.

We use soft Turkish rolls as the bread and to us they taste better as well as only two meals to a pack rather than eight with the normal hamburger buns. I prefer the ‘extras’ on the side rather than on the bun because they make the burger too slippery meaning that the ingredients end up in places other than the burger bun.

Diane made a wonderful slaw to accompany the burgers and we both had soft drinks with the meal.

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