Baked Red Emperor

My return to the kitchen last night was followed by a diet dish that I have made a number of times in the past. It is a low cal dish but an easy one and one that allows fish to take centre stage in a meal.


It is so easy; just take several mushrooms and slice them, crush some tomatoes allowing the juice to go onto the mushrooms with the fish fillets placed on top of those ingredients. I rubbed the fillets with a little olive oil. After this I diced a large shallot and distributed the shallot pieces over the tomatoes and mushies.  The ingredients were in a baking dish and baked about 108 degrees for about 20 minutes depending how thick the fillets are.  The only problem with the dish that came from the resident chef was that there was not enough of both the mushrooms or the crushed tomatoes.


After this main I served us a salad of cos lettuce accompanied by sliced mushrooms and quartered tomatoes. We had some cold water as a beverage.  Bring it on if this is a weight loss meal.  

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