Paella and Coronas

Friday night is Party Night and we enjoyed ourselves to the max. It started with Diane’s favourite: a Wild Turkey Manhattan with a purchased appetizer: a Spinach and Feta Spanakopita.  Not necessarily all from the same country but the internationalism spreads its wings even more later. 

After this welcome to dinner we are set for the main course which becomes a little more country centred. Diane has made paella so often that she has got it down pat and that is exactly what we enjoyed as our main course last night.  Paella is a hearty Spanish dish that we married to an inexpensive ‘09 Spanish Termpranillo that is punching far above its weight.  I am certainly not knowledgeable about wine but this Spanish wine should sell for more.  I will look for more of the same Torres family Coronas in the future.

Diane makes her delicious paella using whatever fowl we have in the fridge with whatever prepared meat we might have: sausage, salami, etc. But it is important that there be some sharpe flavour in the meat to transfer to the paella.  Beyond that your choice of vegetables is open but again within bounds: peas, artichokes, asparagus, caulie are just a few of the possibilities.  With regard to seafood we commonly use prawns, clams, mussels or squid but that last one is infrequent.  A handful of olives can be added at the last minute with the prawns so that they do not get mushy.  We were lucky enough to find a package of Spanish rice to use as a base for the paella and you can notice the difference; it is definitely worth the search.

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